Blog Changes

I’ve changed my blogs tumblr theme to be a bit more minimalistic and focused on the pictures and the text. You can see the changes by opening the blog in your browser, if you use the tumblr app you can’t see the changes. With the new Tumblr theme wich is a customized version of tumblr’s official Observer Theme, I got support for several new features. 

Therefore I got support for Disquis which means you can comment all my posts. Yay! Simply open the blog trough any browser and click on Permalink to see the comment field at the bottom of any blog post. I’m looking forward to read your comments. 😉

Full Size Images:
This blog also supports full size images in texts post from now on. This is especially handy for my new post type cinematic shots

Cinematic Shots:
In Cinematic posts I focus on stunning photographs from abandoned locations and not so much on background information, but don’t worry when I post Cinematic Shots I’ll also post an article containing background information about the location. 

Pinterest and Twitter Button:
You can now simply share my post on twitter and pinterest with the new buttons in each article.

I’d like to hear your feedback on my new features you can simply comment down below. (click on Permalink and scroll down)

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