Creepy Abandoned Water Park in Vietnam


The Ho Thuy Tien park opened in 2004 by a tourism company that invested 3 million Dollars into it, meant to increase tourism and bring visitors into the nearby town of Hue located in the central part of Vietnam. But unfortunately like many other ambitious tourism projects in Vietnam it failed.

The park has been a home for a bunch of live crocodiles who luckily got transferred to a zoo in Vietnam after the park closed its gates. Today its a completely lonely and empty place overgrown by nature. Though its been told that a pack of wild dogs is straying around.

Abandoned aquarium

The main attraction of the park is and has been the three story tall dragon shaped aquarium building that dominates the whole scene and provides a perfect photo motive today. Other attractions are left over water pipes as well as destroyed aquariums and filled pools. The overgrown structures definitely makes it a mystical place.

Check out this video for a little vlog styled overview about the location, its pretty good also check out Noahvde‘s channel he does a lot of this kind of videos.