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Terre Rouge Steel Mill

Ore Bunkers

The Terre Rouge was a big entity of the iron ore industry in Luxembourg formerly called ARBED, and now part of the Arcelor/Mittal Group. It’s located in Esch-sur-Alzette.

The history of the site began in the year 1870 when the authorization was given to start the construction of the “Brasseur” factory. In 1872 the first iron ore furnace was heated, and by 1899 three more were constructed and lit. After 12 years the mill was connected with another steel mill in Esch-Belval what lead to massive steel complex.

In 1937 ARBED has taken over the factory and the furnaces have been closed in the year 1977. The furnaces were shut down in 1997 and demolished some years later. Nowadays the iron-ore silos and the powerstation are still there, abandoned and in a bad condition.

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